Product Details

Storage Bin Trolley

omes complete with bins.
3 sizes available.

Bin sizes:
Small: 90w x 135d x 50h
Medium: 120w x 175d x 100h
Large: 150w x 240d x 120h

Trolley options:

30 medium & 16 large bins.
Dimensions: 660w x 560d x 1120h

24 small, 20 medium & 16 large bins.
Dimensions: 660w x 570d x 1120h

36 small, 30 medium & 24 large bins.
Dimensions: 660w x 570d x 1320h

GIL60Y shown.
Supplied knock down.

We have a large range of trucks and trolleys available, please visit our website for full details.

Truck ‘n’ Trolley


Unit 28 and 29 Eddystone Rd
Calmore Industrial Estate
Totton Hampshire
SO40 3SA

08701 431 630
08701 431 631
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