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Suspended Ceilings

Fire Rated

With current Building Regulations any mezzanine floor that is over 20m in any one direction is required to be fire rated to 60 minutes. This can be achieved in a number of ways a suspended ceiling or MF plasterboard ceiling. The most cost effective solution is a suspended ceiling, which consists of a white layin grid with 60 minute mineral fibre tiles. There are many types of 60 minute tile to suit every purpose. The MF system consists of light weight metal frame being suspended from the structure above with one or more layers of board screw fixed to the underside subject to performance required, with all joints being taped and filled or plastered for a more traditional finish. To complete the structures fire rating columns cases and fascia are also installed.


A suspended ceiling can be installed to an office environment to enhance the look and feel. There are a number of different types of decorative ceiling tile and grid, dependant on your budget.

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