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Partitions are basically movable walls. There are many possible uses for partitions both industrial, office and warehouse settings. For example, if your company is project-oriented, you may want to be able to shift partitions around when teams dissolve and reform.

Industrial partitions are generally supported by a building’s overhead structure. However, alternatively, there are floor-supported partition doors or sliding partitions that could be used which are not affected by a building’s overhead structure. The variety of materials, design options, colours, finishes and extras mean that partitions can fit perfectly into and become in important feature of the overall work environment. They can perform background and foreground functions simultaneously.

The only difference between a wall and a partition really is that a partition does not support the building structure, and does not actually face the outside elements. Apart from that, partitions perform all other functions equally as well, but in a much more stylish and convenient way. For example, glass office partitions can be ceiling high structures that can act as the walls of an individual office would have done, but they provide so many other benefits than a solid wall. They allow much more light into the office space; this enables us to see things better. Glass office partitions can also contribute towards the communication aspects of an office.

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Office Partitions

PDC Consultancy can offer a number of solutions to your office environment, be it practical or high quality. When choosing what system and style you require there are a number of questions that you need to consider, look, fire rating and sound requirement. To help with your decisions please see the examples below:


Sometimes known as demountable this partition system can reconfigured with the minimum of damage and cost. One of the most popular systems because of its flexibility, with an aluminium finish as standard its cost affectivity is good but for a little extra cost all aluminium components can be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice giving a more expensive looking finish.


Simple system which incorporates a single layer of plasterboard screw fixed either side of a galvanised stud. Board joints can be either clamp and covered or tape and jointed, dependant on the customers preference. Available in a number of finishes and applications, coloured finishes can also be applied to this product.


There are many type of glazed systems, from full height composite to Vitrage. Glazed partitions can give the minimalist appearance to your work place, but can also give privacy with the incorporation of double glazed units with integral blinds. The glazed partition also allows natural light into the offices to make a better working environment.

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