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Portable buildings or temporary buildings are buildings which are designed and built to be easily moved and transported as opposed to permanently located. A portable building differs from a modular building as they are often used on a more temporary basis and removed quickly. Temporary and portable buildings have been used for a large number of years.

The type of portable building which is most familiar have been designed so that they can be carried to or from a site on a large lorry and lifted on and off by a crane.

Portable buildings can take a variety of uses. They are often seen standing alone or in groups as temporary site offices on building sites. In this instance they are usually stacked two high with metal stairs to reach the upper level. Other examples of how a portable building can be used include rural offices and on site changing rooms. Some portable buildings can be very complex where they join these units to form large office blocks, sometimes over several floors. These can be disguised as a normal building with the use of brick style cladding and a traditional pitched roof.

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Where a permanent building is required a portal frame building provides the ideal solution. The fully galvanised steel portal frame has a pinned base and low foundation loadings, and we supply full structural calculations for Building Regulations approval. The building can be clad in box profile sheet steel with either Plastisol or colour coated finish, or composite panels, in a variety of colours. Fire rated walls can also be incorporated. A wide range of goods doors is available, including roller shutter, sectional overhead, hinged, sliding and folding doors. There is also a choice of personnel, fire exit and combination doors, as well as windows if required.

We control every stage of the project from design and manufacture of our Portal Framed Buildings to the erection, final commissioning and hand-over.

Each building is designed to comply with current standards, codes of practice and requirements of Building Regulations this includes provision of full structural calculations, heat loss calculations (where required) and foundation design. The design of our structures meets BS 5950 and will also comply with the standards set down in ISO EN 1993 which is planned to supersede BS 5950 in the future. These building are available as traditional hot rolled frames and the newer cold rolled portal frame.

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