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Unique retractable tunnels for sport and industry available from Spaciotempo.

Maximise existing site space and relocate to a new position if required. The tunnels can connect to exist internal/external walls or stand independently.

Saves Space
The tunnel has a small footprint and also retracts to minimal overall dimensions when not in use freeing up valuable space.

Simple and quick to install
Providing an instant solution for industrial or sports applications.

Football player tunnels
Undercover walkways
Links to existing buildings
Loading bays
Protection of goods
Overflow storage
Additional workshop space
Temporary retail/exhibition units

Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnels are made of anodised aluminium structural arches that are connected by galvanised steel pantographs.

Each arch is equipped with two nylon wheels which run along a sunken lift proof track ensuring the tunnel remains firmly secured to the ground.

Smaller, lighter retractable tunnels can be equipped with rubber wheels without the lift proof track as a more cost-effective option.

Doors at each end
A selection of colours

High visibility and excellent exposure can be achieved by branding the tunnels with corporate logos, colours and signwriting.

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