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Skips are large container designed to hold waste material.  Unlike industrial and commercial bins they are not emptied into a dustbin lorry / trash truck, instead they are loaded onto a special truck either by a lifting mechanism on the truck itself or by crane and taken away to either be dumped in a landfill site or recycled.  The most common type of skip, the builders skip is an open topped container used to hold construction and demolition waste originating from a building site where something is being built, renovated or demolished.  This type of skip can be filled by manually throwing waste in from ground level or from above by way of a rubble chute.

Other types of skips have are closed and have hinged doors so that waste can be locked up to protect it from scavengers in the case of scrap metal that is to be recycled not landfilled for example, human scavengers; or from wildlife if the waste contains biodegradable or food waste.

The one thing all skips have in common is that they are robust containers designed to withstand rough and regular use by heavy-handed tradesmen and labourers (or members of the lublic in the case of recycling banks).  However if the application requires even more resistance to wear and tear there are heavy duty skips available.

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Enclosed Skips

8 CYD; 12 CYD; 14 CYD 

Technical Specification – Enclosed Skips

Specification of all sizes

Base, Side & Ends All mild steel plate – full sheets
Lifting Lugs Cast Steel – fully welded
Double Railed
Gussets In all corners
Tipping Bar Mild Steel – Double ended
Included in cost Painted in your colour choice – Supply RAL number
Plastic or Steel Lids
Optional Extras Please enquire about costs :
Sign Writing
Security Numbers welded on skips
Paint: Painted in your colour – included in cost
One coat container paint
Cost : Please ring 0161 725 9134 / 07900 894 895
or contact


Size Length Width Height
8 CYD 3048 1753 1676
12 CYD 3650 1753 1800
14 CYD 3950 1753 1800


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