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Fencing couplers connect temporary fencing, both mesh security fence panels and solid steel hoarding panels, together. The two halves are pressed out of 1.5mm galvanised steel. The pressed halves are then fitted around the fence panels outer tubular frame and fastened using a nut and bolt slotted through the centre of the two coupler halves through a 14mm square hole.

To ensure safe and secure installation we suggest using two couplers (double clip) for connecting individual fencing panels together, although some do opt for only one clip per connection.



1.5mm thick pressed steel (arches for added rigidity / strength)

Body halves (2 per coupler) secured with a M12 X 70 half threaded cup square bolt, washer and standard Hex nut.

Finish: Galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 standard


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