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Security products can come in a variety of forms. From security gates  which block access points and create restricted areas. These are generally made from a sturdy, impenetrable lattice of steel. A metal security gate cannot be pushed through or broken down. Because of the nature of these gates, they provide clear visibility for surveillance. Security barriers can  be the first step in the implementation a security system and devices such as window bars, security fencing and good locks provide the greatest value for the money you will be investing.

Security shutters are practical for both commercial properties and homes. In place and locked, security shutters make it nearly impossible for intruders to enter. Additionally, they may help protect your premises from storm damage. Security shutters are available for many different kinds of applications, including windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, and screened-in enclosures. Security shutters protect your home or business against break-ins and vandalism. They can be made with no visible, pick-able outside locks, frustrating even the most advanced burglars.

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Strong Metal Housing, Very roomy. Complete with hinged lid for easy camera installation . Completely weatherproof. Bracket not included in price (see our brackets). Glass Front.

External Size: 284 x 100 x 105mm
Usable internal size: 260 x 65 x 70mm

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