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An industrial vacuum cleaner works in the same way to a usual domestic vacuum cleaner in that it is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt usually from  floors. The dirt is then collected by either a dust bag or a cyclone for later disposal. The suction  of an industrial vacuum cleaner is caused by a difference in air pressure. An electric motor reduces the pressure inside the machine. Atmospheric pressure then pushes the air through the carpet and into the nozzle, and so the dust is literally pushed into the bag.

There are many different configurations of vacuum cleaners. Pneumatic vacuums or dry vacuum cleaners are a specialized form of vacuum which can be used to clean up wet or liquid spills that hook up to compressed air. They commonly can accommodate both wet and dry soilage, and so are commonly found in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Back pack vacuums are commonly used as commercial vacuum cleaners: they allow the user to move rapidly about a large area. They are essentially canister vacuum cleaners, except that straps are used to carry the canister unit on the user’s back.

Most industrial vacuum cleaners are supplied with various specialized accessories; vacuum bags, tools, brushes and extension wands which enable them to reach otherwise inaccessible places or to be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

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470 MLS Vacuum

The MaxVac MV-470-MLS is a single phase high suction vacuum for use in many different areas. Powered by 3 by-pass motors operated independently. The motor head is silenced to reduce the noise created.

The vacuum is fitted with M Class filters which are cleaned using a manual shaker, using a vertical movement in order to increase its life and maintain its suction efficiency.

The vacuum is fitted with the Longopac bagging system allowing waste to be disposed of safely.

Weight 65kg
Voltage 230/110v 50/60hz
Capacity Longopac
By Pass Motor 3 (single phase)
Vacuum Rate 2500mm/H2O
Noise Level 75 dB(A)
Air Flow 540m3/h
Filter Surface 30000cm2
Filter Type Star Polyester

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