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A pressure washer is a mechanical device that uses high-pressure water to remove mould, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces. The most basic pressure washers consists of a motor which directly drives a water pump, a high pressure hose and a trigger gun.

Just as a garden hose nozzle is used to increase the out flowing pressure of the liquid, this machine adds its own power to force high pressure, where a regular nozzle would slow the flow, due to its restricting nature.

Some pressure washers, combine a particular nozzle with cleaning chemicals which are then introduced into the water stream, in order to assist the cleaning process.

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Fuel Proof’s range of mobile pressure washer bowsers provide the ultimate solution for plant cleaning, and are ideal for a wide range of industries including construction, agriculture, council and municipal, industrial and domestic applications. With a heavy duty polyethylene tank and galvanised chassis, these mobile bowsers provide unrivalled strength and durability. Available in single axle and twin axle configuration, with a range of pressure washer units and other optional equipment available

Our new 1140L single axle highway tow pressure washer bowser features our tough, rotationally moulded polyethylene tank mounted on a galvanised tubular steel chassis. The large mounting plate accomodates the pressure washer unit and lance holder.

Standard Specification

  • Twin high-speed axles
  • 1″ outlet front and rear
  • Rotationally moulded polyethylene tank
  • 10 metres of hose
  • Galvanised tubular steel chassis
  • Galvanised mudguards
  • 380mm diameter manway into top of tank
  • Recoil start 6.5hp Honda petrol engined pressure washer unit – 14 lpm @ 150 bar
  • Overrun brakes, hitch and damper
  • Secure lockable lid
  • Baffled tank for improved stability
  • Lance holder
  • 2″ bottom outlet for easy cleaning of unit
  • Lighting system complies with highway regulations

This product is suitable for many applications including:

  • Construction
  • Plant hire
  • Agriculture
  • Haulage & transport
  • Council / municipal
  • Industrial
  • Domestic
  • digitalVersion
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