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The Fire shutter door is designed to provide a fire resistant barrier between different areas of a building. The main purpose of the door is to close automatically under fire conditions preventing the spread of fire and damage to the building, whilst also protecting certain areas of the building such as designated fire escape routes.

Fire shutter doors are tested in accordance with BS476:part 22:1987 for upto 4 hours fire resistance. Doors are assessed upto 7m wide x 7m high.


Manual operation: Actuation of the door is by manual hand chain. With this type of operation the door should be left open and left to close under activation from a fire.

Electric operation: Doors can be operated by 3-phase or 1-phase geared motor units which come complete with an emergency hand chain facility and a low level push button station. The motors integral controlled descent mechanism allows the door to close at a safe speed upon activation.

Modes of activation

Fusible link release: This is a soldered link which melts at a temperature of 72°C and releases the brake allowing the door to close.

Solenoid release unit: This is linked to the fire alarm system and requires a 24V DC signal. Upon activation of the fire alarm the brake is released and the door closes at a controlled rate.

Audio Visual Warning: Upon receipt of the fire alarm signal the unit flashes ‘Door Closing’ and sounds an alarm to warn occupants that the door is closing. A programmable timer attached to the unit delays the closing of the door.

Standard finish: Galvanised
Powder coat finish to any BS4800 or RAL colours

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