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A PVC strip curtain is the most economical way to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions. The curtain also affords to provide you protection and control of temperature and noise pollution without any intervention of passage of light to indoors.
The other benefits of strip doors include: the PVC strips curtains can be used for varied applications which include walk-in coolers, freezers, loading docks, crane ways, conveyor openings and other particular places. The use the finest materials and advanced techniques make a room  completely secure and comfortable.

The PVC strip curtains are designed in semi transparent manner for some industries and they block 100 percent ultraviolet light coming through them. The strip curtains are cost effective, durable, and simple in design and energy conserving. They are extremely durable meaning that they can withstand wear and tear in all types of environments. They also act as fire doors due to their flame retardant quality. All these features make the strip curtains a quick and ready choice for many.

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High Speed Door

With dp doors & shutters in total control of materials and manufacture we can offer a 3 week turn around from receiving the order to arriving on site with the high speed door.

The high speed door comes with all the usual options which include:- induction loops, motion detectors or remote control.

All parts and materials for the Speedfold High Speed Door have been locally sourced within the UK, this is for 2 reasons, the first to give local businesses involvement and repeat orders, the second to control and monitor our carbon footprint.

As standard we supply :-

Left or Right hand motor operation.

2 sets of wireless photo-cell beams1 pair of red safety straps in the event of main lifting strap failure.

2mm pre-formed galvanised steel frames powder coated in RAL 9005 (black).

Wireless safe edge bottom rail.Knockout paddles which allows the safety edge to break away on impact.Warning flashing beacons to both sides of the door.

Alternative standard RAL or BS colours are available on request.

One special feature is a pair of tapered photo-cell adaptor frames which are installed inside the bottom of each leg, this enables the bottom of the curtain to form a seal preventing drafts, rodent ingress etc.

This also enables us to position a Safety Photo Cell Beam directly under the curtain.

We also offer if necessary all supporting steelwork for the high speed door, this way we can provide a complete door package.

The robust curtain again comes in a choice of colours with or without vision panels.

We also supply various sized wind bars dependent on the door location and widths.

In the event the door is damaged by impact from a fork truck or lorry etc. We offer a fast turn around on repairs with all parts carried in stock.

The main unique feature of the high speed door is the single phase inverter control panel, using the built in special features we can :-

1. Control the soft stop / start of the motor.

2. Adjustable timed auto close.

3. A built in LED panel with digital read outs on all faults, cycles of operations, This function also tells you when a maintenance visit is due.

4.Set variable opening & closing speeds to suit the clients requirements.


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