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Roller shutter doors are an excellent investment for many reasons. The security that the roller doors bring to your property is the obvious advantage through the fact that the security shutters deter people from even targeting your property is often not considered.

High quality security shutters are manufactured from aluminium and often combine many aluminium foam filled slats that hook together. This allows the shutter to roll into a very tight roll keeping any casing minimal. Being the shutters are made from strong aluminium you can be assured that they will remain rust free and last for many years.

Roller shutter doors are generally installed on the outside of a property. When  the shutters are rolled up the roller casings are so small and unobtrusive that they are hardly visible and you would not even know there were there. When roller shutter doors are in use they offer an almost impenetrable barrier over your windows and doors. This offers superior protection for you windows and business.

Roller shutter doors can be operated manually or electrically with remote controls. Manual override handles can be added to allow you to crank the security shutters open in case of a power failure. With the press of one button your business can be instantly secured.

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dp doors & shutters Ltd’s high specification Roller Shutter Doors are designed to give clear, full width and height access through external openings and low maintenance, trouble free, service. A choice of widths and heights is available, as every door is made to customer’s individual requirements, and can be fixed behind the opening or, if necessary, between.


The door runs in vertical guides made from heavy gauge, galvanised ‘U’ section steel. The roller, usually fitted behind the lintel, accommodates the door when open, and is made from steel tube, inside which is the counterbalancing tempered helical spring(s). The roller is mounted on bearings on supporting steel end plates, which also house single or double reduction gears for ease of operation.

Door curtains are constructed from a number of 75mm deep steel laths, the gauge suited to the door width and wind loading. Nylon or PVC endlocks and steel retainers are fixed to alternate laths. The bottom rail provides strength and is formed from steel strip ‘T’ section, angle or box section as necessary, for minimum lateral deflection.


Operation can be manual via continuous chain or push up with pull down cord/rod, or electrical via appropriate single or 3 phase motor with push button control and emergency cut-off with hand operation facility. Automatic activation can be by all types of electronic control mechanisms and safety edges can be supplied. Options include pass door, canopy and fascia, motor hood, and weather and draught seals.

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