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A dust extractor is an accessory often found in industrial woodworking shops. They are used to collect wood dust, chips and shavings at the point of origin. Dust extractors work on the same principle as central vacuum systems that we use in our homes. A fixed motor creates a suction which is distributed through the space via a network of rigid ducting and flexible hoses to the point of use.

Dust extractors are often part of a larger air quality management program that also includes large airborne particle filtration units mounted to the ceiling of shop spaces. Air filtration units are designed to process large volumes of air to remove fine particles. Proper dust collection and air filtration is a vital  element in any work space.

Smaller dust extractors use a ‘single-stage’ vacuum unit to create suction and perform the air filtration process. The waste material here is drawn into an impeller and deposited into a container. Air is recirculated into the shop after passing through a filter to trap smaller particulate.

Larger industrial dust extractors utilize a dual-stage system, which separates larger particles from fine dust using a precollection device before drawing the air through the impeller. Air from these units can then be exhausted outdoors or filtered and recirculated back into the work space.

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Machine Ref: 113
Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model: .
Description: Portable Dust Extractor (113)
Electrics: 1 Phase
Price: £0.00

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