Category Fume Extraction

Fume extraction systems are used in places where fumes present a potential occupational health and safety hazard for employees. Most health and safety legislations that industries have in place stipulate that employers should not expose their staff to substances that are hazardous to their health. Fume extractors provide a solution to this potential problem by extracting and filtering dangerous particles and gases from the air.

Fume extraction works directly at the source to try and eliminate contamination spreading in the premises and being inhaled by those who work there. Using fume extractors carry a number of benefits:  helping to  provide an improved working environment,  leading to less wear and tear for any machinery and equipment and resulting in much lower cleaning costs.

There are a huge range of fume extraction units available today to suit all industries. These include both wet and dry industrial air filtration plants, self contained and potable fume extraction units, and those which use both cloth and cartridge filtration media and wet water wash systems. Fume extraction equipment is designed to handle highly corrosive and noxious air streams.


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These powerful robust ventilators ensure excellent fresh air circulation in a large variety of areas.

They will provide solutions for many environments such as

  • Cooling
  • Air Movement
  • Fume Extraction
  • Air Supply to Confined Spaces
  • Air Duct also available


Diameter Airflow m3/h
25 cm 2700
30 cm 3900
40 cm 4800
50 cm 9000
60 cm 14400
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