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Air Operated Pump Units

We supply and deliver air operated diaphragm pump units on a per-week basis for as long you need. We cater from big pumps to small pumps, with or without solid handling capabilities. All of our pumps run off of compressed air, and come with a variety of different configurations of fittings to make your pump task as simple as possible.

We supply and hire air pumps to customers for many of the major manufacturers in the industry. Coupled with our leading knowledge and long standing experience this makes us a first choice for distributors of all pumps

We supply:


  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • High Pressure Pumps
  • Piston Pumps
  • Barrel Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Air Accessories
  • Refurbished Pumps
  • Air Kits / Fluid Kits
  • Spares


  • Blagdon
  • Depa
  • Graco
  • Ingersoll Rand / ARO
  • SandPIPER
  • Sanseal / SSP
  • Versa-Matic
  • Wilden Pump
  • Yamada

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