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The Scarab M25H is the most versatile and unique road sweeper in the world.

With the efficient Stage IIIB turbo charged Deutz power unit, single-pedal control, compact dimensions and a unique sweeping pattern allied to outstanding versatility, the Scarab M25H represents class leading performance no matter how you choose to measure it.

With a hopper capacity of 2.5m3 cubic metres fitted with Large Access doors and storage areas on either side, a water tank of 450 litres using a heavy duty commercial water pump to power the low pressure front spray bar and brush nozzle jets. A rear suction hose to clean awkward areas or gulleys, a gulley brush and wide sweep brush underneath the chassis as standard with additional brush options to include dual channel brushes as well as two front brushes to provide a five-brush sweeping pattern giving the minor a swept width of up to 2.17 metres this combines for an unrivalled performance, it is a full-size sweeper in a small package.

Ideal for many applications from urban or surburban heavy duty street cleansing to food & packaging warehouses, park lands and airport perimeters.

Power Socket 12V
Sweep Speed 0-16 mph / 0.25 kph
Vehicle Travel Speed 40mph / 65kph
Sweep Path Width upto 2170mm / 2340mm dual sweep option
Vehicle Height 2245mm
Vehicle Length 4230mm
Vehicle Width 1650mm

The M25H Cab has been designed with the driver in mind, power steering, cruise control, Radio/Mp3/bluetooth with all sweeper functions in easy reach, along with comfy fully adjustable heated seats, heated mirrors a well laid out large cab area with plenty of storage.

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