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Industrial ovens are heated chambers which are used for a variety of industrial applications, including drying, curing or baking components, parts or final products. An Industrial Oven is typically constructed from steel which comprises of inner and outer shells of sheet steel panels.  These are separated by mineral wool insulation. The panels are constructed as to minimize metal-to-metal contact between inner and outer shells and reduce heat flow from oven chamber to the exterior surface. The structures are self-supporting, rigid, and are appropriately strengthened to support all auxiliary equipment. Interior surfaces can be made of aluminium steel and outer surfaces are also made of aluminium steel.

An industrial oven can be used for both large and small volume applications, in batches or continuously  on a conveyor line. They have and a variety of temperature ranges, sizes and configurations. Such ovens are used in many different applications, including chemical processing, food production and even in the electronics industry, where circuit boards are run through a conveyor oven to attach surface mount components.


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CNC Plasma Profile Burning Machine

Hypertherm 1650 G3 Series Plasma. With TORIT extraction. Little used.


Make Esab
Model UXB-P2000
Year  2012
Working Area 1500mm x 3000mm
Control MIT NCE 500
Location Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2495400


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