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Drilling machines (or drilling presses / drills) are tools that use a cutting attachment, to either drill holes or enlarge existing holes into a material.  Drilling is used for many applications in the industrial workplace; metalworking, woodworking, construction, DIY and even in specialist applications such as space missions and tunnelling.

There are many different types of drill to suit these different applications, and ignoring the smaller handheld drills used for domestic and small scale work, the majority of drilling machines can be classified either as a bench drill or a pillar drill.

Many modern drilling machines are programmed and controlled digitally by CNC (computer numerical control) systems.  Because of their precise accuracy these automatic drills are especially useful for drilling smaller holes, angled holes and pattern hole drilling.  Multi-spindle drills (or gang drills as they are sometimes called) can be used to drill several holes at the same time and can save precious time if you require your drilling machine to work at high volume.

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High Speed Precision Drill

• Smooth action and powerful brushless drive
• Drilling depth stop
• Drill spindle with precision ball bearings
• Separate emergency stop mushroom button
• V-belt tensioning device
• Height adjustable chuck guard with microswitch
• Membrane keyboard, dirt/water-resistant , easy to clean
• V-belt cover with safety switch
• Generously dimensioned, height adjustable protective screen with safety switch for greatest possible user
• Best possible force transmission thanks to to aluminium pulleys
• Guaranteed concentricity less than 0.03 mm measured
at the drilling spindle sleeve
• EMC filter class B (use in private households)


Motor 0.85/1.5  KW
Weight 115 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 67 x 43 x 100
Table Size (L x W) 280 x 300mm
Spindle Taper MT2
Spindle Speed Range  300 – 4000
Throat Depth 165mm
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