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Saws come in all different types from manual to automatic, handheld to electrical, there are hand saws, hack saws, mitre saws, bandsaws, circular saws, panel saws,

A mitre saw is a saw used for making an accurate crosscut or mitre through a workpiece. Originally manually driven (the early mitre saws looked like a regular hand saw attached to a stand with a pivot) the majority of mitre saws today are motorised. This motorised (power) mitre saw, also known as a chop saw or drop saw, is a variation of the manual mitre saw and is classed as a power tool.  It performs the same operation as the manual saw but the blade has been replaced by a powered circular saw.  With common blade diameters ranging from 8” to 12”, the power mitre saw is relatively small and portable.

The workpiece is held in place by a fence and the spinning blade is lowered in a short controlled motion to make the cut.  The blade and blade arm are fixed on a pivot so that angled cuts can be performed, using the mitre index this can usually be set to the nearest degree.  Many mitre saws also have stopping points so that the blade can be set to common angles (e.g. 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 75˚)  quickly.

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Standard Features:

    • Central and easy to use CNC control panel based on Windows CE software: (including Teleservice for remote maintenance, Creation of saw programs in the office, Imports saw programs from CAD with DSTV-interface
      and data export)
    • Unique patented double mitre design: Allows the material to be clamped by the vices automatically at 90° to the saw blade (rectangular & close to the saw blade)
    • CNC Automatic mitring


  • Digital mitre display, accuracy +/-0.1°
  • Moveable blade guide arm, adjustable to suit material width
  • Combined precise saw blade carbide – roller guidance
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension
  • MEBA POWER PACKAGE: Lifting & lowering of the saw head with a frequency regulated lead screw drive, with an automatic cutting pressure and feed regulator. Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button until material edge – 3.0kw motor
  • Powerful frequency regulated AC blade drive 15-150 m/min
  • Hydraulic material full stroke clamping
  • Minimum speed and saw blade control on the band wheel
  • Step less height adjustment by height sensing
  • Automatic material feed: compact design for short sections and flexible infeed shuttle system for almost any length
  • Electric mitre swivelling by servo motor
  • Accurate positioning of the material by servo-positioning technique
  • Innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique: An innovative electric saw feed by ball screw technique provides ultimate cutting performance and quality while minimizing blade wear
  • Uses latest linear ball guideways to provide solid smooth running, maintenance-free performer
  • Saw blade size 41mm x 4400

Optional Features:

  • 2300mm and 3300mm Shuttle Feed Available
  • Laser Light
  • Driven Swarf Brush
  • MEBA spray mist system
  • Hydraulic clamping pressure regulator
  • Hydraulic bundle clamping (full stroke width)
  • NC Server – Data transfer & production planning
  • Zero face positioning (Bar end finder)
  • LED Work light
  • Hydraulic saw blade clamping
  • Swarf conveyor
  • Swarf bucket
  • Roller track also available for infeed and outfeed

Technical Data:



CNC automatic

45° L

Ø 410 430 x 410


Ø 410 700 x 410

45° R

Ø 410 500 x 410


Ø 320 320 x 410


5.5 kW AC

Saw Blade

5800 x 41 x 1,1 mm

Saw Blade Speed

15 – 150 m/min.

length of remaining piece

without bundle clamp

manual: 75 mm

automatic: 330 mm

length of remaining

piece with bundle clamp

manual: 260 mm

automatic: 330

max. material size with

bundle clamp

Ø 410 / 430 x 410

shortest Ø


Dimensions (L x W x H) (DGA-600)


4500 x 2800 x 2000 mm


5500 x 2800 x 2000 mm

Working Height



(DGA-2300) 3210 kg

(DGA-3300) 3410 kg

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