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A circular saw is a machine that uses a circular blade or disc with teeth to cut through wood and other materials.  Circular saws can be handheld or table mounted, mitre saws and table saws are examples of table-mounted circular saws. Although primarily designed for and used for cutting wood (wood cutting circular blades are almost always tipped with tungsten carbide) other blades can be fitted for cutting other materials such as plastic, masonry or metal.

Table saws have the blade or disc fixed to the table, and the workpiece is moved across the table and through the saw to make the cut; mitre saws have the circular blade attached to an arm that is lowered through the workpiece to make the cut; and handheld circular saws are just that, portable power tools that can be used for cutting through various materials, they are convenient to carry but the downside is that with no table or mounted support, achieving an accurate and clean straight cut is unlikely.

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  • 0,035 kW Power-driven pump for band cooling
  • 24 V low voltage installation with hold-to-run head control knob
  • Movable head 45° left – 90° right
  • Jet separation system to keep the blade oiled
  • Reduction unit oil bath
  • Double quick locking vice
  • Double hinged pin with eccentric bush
  • Coolant filter
  • Sliding countervice for longitudinal cutting
  • Bar support arm
  • Bar stop
  • Instruction manual and spare parts
  • Service tools
Motor 1.8 – 2.4 KW
Weight 231 Kg
Overall Dimensions 1475 x 1000 x 1200mm
Vice Capacity 120mm
Blade Size 350mm
Speeds 40-80 rpm
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