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Small but very professional band mill. The design of the main component units, such as guide wheels including their bearing system, design of the saw band arm, the drive system, the feed system, etc. are identical with the type series CTR 800 or even the high performance CTR 950 Hydraulik.

Different from the CTR 710, the central control panel is located on a fixed pillar attached to the machine bed. This allows for comfortable machine operation from one control point.

Basic version:  main motor 5,5 kW, cutting length 2,2m,  3 log clamps, 2 anti-roll back stops/squaring arms.

Extending section: cutting length 3m

Extending section: cutting length 1m


Weight 310Kg
Height of working table 195 – 236 mm
Sawblade speed 15 m/s
Bandwheel Motor 4kW

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