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Folding machines are used to achieve precise results when folding sheet metal. Folding machinery works by leading the sheet metal through the upper and under beam and then clamping it perpendicular with a carefully controlled closing of the upper beam. As the metal sheet is securely clamped, it does not slide forwards which allows for a high level of accuracy. The clamping pressure on the upper beam can be adjusted on each side of the machine separately, according to requirements.

Folding machines have significantly aided material handling in the workplace, making it much quicker, easier and much more accurate than when the same task is carried out by a singular operator as the metal is supported by the machine instead.

There is some variety in the types of folding machines available on the market. Some are manually operated, while some more advanced models are powered with optional CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) controls. Roll-forming machinery can be used to lock form and roll profile sections. In addition to these examples, there is a full range of folding machines available to industry operators including box and pan folders.

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BP50 Box & Pan Folder

(Ex-M.O.D ). Serial No BP501233771187.

c/w full set of fingers.Due to MOD storage has superficial surface rust.

Price POA
Make Morgan Rushworth
Model BP50
Capacity 1.6 x 1270mm
Location Herts

Tel: 01438 812409


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