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Guillotines are machine tools that are used for cutting sheet metal with a straight cut. They work by driving down an angled blade onto the material to slice along the length of the cut.  Like many other machine tools, although traditionally operated manually many modern guillotines are motor powered and can even be CNC controlled, making cutting quicker, more accurate and safer.

Guillotines are simple machines in concept, and are very convenient for cutting sheet metal to leave a straight, clean edge.  There are however many modern, more complex takes on the guillotine, such as mechanical guillotines, hydraulic guillotines and swing beam guillotines.  The more complex the machine, the more likely that specialist training will be needed.

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Mechanical Direct Drive Guillotine

Swissax Power Back Gauge,

Make Edwards Pearson
Model DD
Year  1993
Size 2000mm x 3.5mm
Location Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2495400


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