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Laser Cutting Machine – TMX65

(650 x 420mm)

50W DC (CO2) or 25W-60W RF (CO2) Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting Machine.

650 x 420 mm work area.
*NEW* British Designed, British Manufactured laser machine.

The British designed and manufactured TMX65 is a machine now available due to popular demand for a laser ideally suited to many types of industry and education, including schools, colleges, start-up businesses, hobbyists and more.

The floor-standing TMX65 is a compact, versatile laser engraving-cutting machine – ideal for those looking for an entry level laser machine for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials.

Our TMX65 has the option of 50W DC laser, or RF laser powers from 25W to 60W – please contact our sales team for details.

Please download our TMX65 laser machine sales brochure here.

Do You Work With Embroidery?

CTR have developed a brand new machine specially designed for this unique application.



The TMX65 Comes With:

  • 50W CO2 laser tube, or a range of available RF CO2 laser powers.
  • A minimum of 12 months machine warranty. 3 months consumables warranty – please request a no-obligation quotation for full details.
  • Knife-edge bar bed (adjustable height up to 200mm), with accurate, reliable mechanics.
  • Red dot pointer.
  • Air assist pump.
  • Sealed electronic water cooling unit or air cooling system, dependant on laser type (DC or RF).
  • Optional extra: HEPA standard fume filtration – integral or external.
  • Laser design software.
  • On-site installation.
  • Full operator training.
  • On-site warranty.
  • Unlimited support.



British Design. British Manufacture. The TMX65 laser machine is designed and built in our Northamptonshire factory, to ensure quality control with the standard of this machine.
CO2 laser tube (DC or RF). The laser tube gives you a range of available laser powers for good quality cutting and engraving.
Knife-edge bar bed. Strong, aluminium bar bed for supporting flat, large pieces of material. These specially designed bed bars are easy to remove and clean.
Adjustable bed height for items up to 200mm deep. You can move the laser machine bed up or down to fit a wide range of materials and products.
Sealed laser cooling system. [DC laser] A complete, fully enclosed water chiller unit, with interlocks to ensure the protection of your laser tube.
[RF laser] A complete air cooling system with interlocks to ensure the protection and maximum efficiency of your RF laser.
Optional fume filtration unit. We recommend the use of a fume filtration unit with this laser machine for health and safety reasons. This is available as an integral or external unit with your laser. Click here for information on filtration.
Red dot pointer module. For simple, accurate positioning of the work on materials.
Laser design software. Easy-to-use laser software for designing or importing files to laser cut and engrave.
On-site installation. One of our trained installation engineers will deliver, install and set up your products on-site to our high specification to ensure you have the best possible start.
Full operator training. One of our trained installation engineers will provide full training on how to use the software provided with your laser machine, laser operation and routine maintenance.
On-site warranty. If there is a problem with your laser machine within the warranty period, we’ll visit you to sort it out.
Unlimited support. Total peace of mind. If you have a question about your laser machine at any time during the life of the machine, simply contact us during our normal open hours for assistance.
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