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Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting Machine – MasterCut / MC Compact

Mastercut and MC Compact: versatile and reliable plasma cutting machines, with the ability for oxyfuel cutting and designed for optimal price-performance.



A versatile and reliable gantry plasma CNC cutting machine which can be applied throughout the industry, reaching from small workshops to big factories. Designed for plasma or oxyfuel precision metal cutting applications, including pipe cutting, profile / elbow cutting and marking, with optimal price-performance.

More information on the MasterCut machine can be found here.

MasterCut Compact

A compact version of the MasterCut CNC plasma machine – for middle-sized enterprises and heavy metal-working industries.
A dynamic CNC cutting equipment designed for fully automated cutting, especially oxyfuel cutting in combination with plasma cutting.

More information on the MasterCut Compact machine can be found here.

MasterCut And MC Compact Machines Offer:

  • A versatile and reliable gantry machine that is characterised by its optimal price/performance ratio.
  • Very good cutting quality as a result of the dual-side synchronised drive system (on the longitude axis).
  • Several machine variations available, tailored to suit your specific requirements.
  • A wide range of optional accessories are available to offer you a combination of technologies.
  • Precision cutting with high-definition plasma sources, as well as standard air plasma sources.
  • Simultaneous oxyfuel cutting with 6 torches to help maximise your productivity.
  • Efficient and user-friendly PC-based CNC control system iMSNC®
  • Integrated remote diagnositcs utilities.
  • Designed to meet comprehensive safety and environmental standard.
  • Advanced height control for plasma cutting, based on proprietary adaptive algorithms backed by a ball-screw actuated Z axis.


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