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A press brake is another machine tool used for bending sheet metal.  Unlike the brake, the press brake bends sheet metal by pressing it with a punch into a v-shaped die to create a bend.  There are several techniques practiced, but the most common method is “air bending”, where the die has a sharper angle than the bend required.  Importantly, the inner radius of the bend created is not defined by the radius of the punch, but by the width of the die opening.

A back gauge holds the work piece at the right depth to get the fold exactly where intended.  This back gauge can be computer controlled to move to different positions so that the operator can make several different precise bends in the sheet with very little time needed between folds.

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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Auto Bed Crowning, Machine mounted Infra-Red Guards, Top & Bottom Tooling

Make Edwards Pearson
Model RT4
Year  1994
Control Cybelec DNC7000 3 axis
Distance Over Bed (mm) 330 ton x 4000mm
Location Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2495400


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