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A scissor lift is a type of access platform which can usually only move in the vertical plane. The mechanism which is used to achieve this is linked, folding supports which form a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern. An upward motion is achieved by applying a degree of pressure to the outside of the lowest set of supports, elongating the crossing pattern, and propelling the work platform vertically. The Platform may also have an extending ‘bridge’ which allows a closer access to the work area because of the inherent limits of vertical only movement. This is a self-propelled scissor lift. However, contraction of the scissor action can also be hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical Depending on the power system employed on the lift, it may not require any power to enter into ‘descent’ mode, but rather a simple release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. This is the main reason that these methods of powering the lifts are preferred. It  provides a fail-safe option of returning the platform to the ground with the release of a manual valve.

Scissor lifts can provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height, they are generally used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance  and construction or for emergency access. This distinguishes them from permanent access equipment such as elevators. They are designed to lift limited weights of usually less than a ton although some have a higher safe working load. They are usually capable of being fully set up and operated by a single person.

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Tube Bender CBC UNI70D Digital Twin Speed 

This floor mounted and versatile machine has a large material capacity: Mild Steel 60mmod x 2mm, Stainless Steel of 54mmod x 4mm and upto 2”nb Gas Pipe. Plus it can bend other more specialised materials such as CDS and T45. Contact us for advice.

You can also add the optional Mandrel attachment and convert this into a Mandrel bender to do as tight as 2D radii bends without tube deformation. Its capacity here is 2”od x 2mm Stainless Steel.

The digital display on the Tube Bender CBC UNI70D is for the inputting and control of the bending angle. And you have the ability to program up to 50 memories, each holding 9 different bend angles. This is ideal for multiple but different bends along the length of a piece of tube. When in operation the machine automatically jumps to the next angle for you, so all you need to do is adjust the material to its stop, clamp it up via the quick action device and hold the two buttons while the UNI accurately performs your bend. It also has an automatic return saving you time as you can be removing the bent tube and getting the next tube ready for installation.

The Tube Bender CBC UNI70D is a twin speed, digitally controlled, motorised Tube, Pipe, Square and Bar bending machine. This machine is made to order.

A maximum bend angle of 200˚.

A Quick Action Guide/Roller Positioning device is included as standard.

Standard bending radii is 3D & 4D.

415v three phase.

Packed in a protective wooden transport case.

Stock: 2/3weeks from order

£7,699.00 exc. VAT

Tube Bender


UNI70D’s material capacity:

Ø60mmod x 4mm hard & soft copper and annealed brass tubes

Ø60mmod x 2mm Mild Steel (ERW)

Ø60mmod x 4mm Hydraulic Tube

Ø60.3mmod / 2”nb Gas/black Pipe (Medium weight BS1387 / DIN2440)

Ø54mmod x 4mm (1”5/8od) AISI 316/304 Stainless Steel

Ø60mmod x 5mm Aluminium (6061/63-T4/T6 bending quality)

*You need to purchase the optional Tie-Bar if you intend to bend over 33mmod in Stainless Steel, 38mmod Mild Steel and 42mmod (1”1/4nb) in Pipe.


UNI70D 810x400x1100cm x 240kg

To view the CBC UNI70D Tube Bender on our website click here

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