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Castors and wheels are typically used on carts and furniture; they are mounted underneath these platforms. Castors are advantageous for moving vehicles or platforms in both straight and turning motions. Trolley castors are commonly used on supermarket trolleys. During straightforward motion, the swivel caster will tend to rotate parallel to the direction of travel. This can be seen on a shopping trolley when the caster rotates backwards during forward motion down an aisle. The benefit of this caster rotation is that the vehicle will naturally tend to travel in a straight direction. Precise steering is not required because the castors do tend to maintain straight motion. This is also true during turning. The castor rotates again working parallel to the turning radius and provides a smooth turn. This is illustrated on a shopping trolley as the wheels rotate differently depending on how tight a turn is made. Because of these two qualities, light duty castors are often used on dollies, office chairs, and wheelchairs. Castors can be designed in many different sizes and materials depending on their intended use. Typically, they are made from rubber, plastic, nylon, aluminium, or stainless steel. Generally, castors operate most effectively on smooth and flat surfaces.

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250mm Top Plate Fixed Castor (Pressed Steel) with 160X120 Hole Centres. Polyurethane Tyre / Cast Iron Centre Wheel with Ball Bearing. Load Capacity = 1500kg

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