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Castors are single, double, or compound wheels which are mounted on to an object to enable easier movement. They are frequently found on shopping carts, office chairs and material handling equipment. Castors can be fixed to roll in one direction, or mounted on a pivot, so that the wheel will automatically swivel and align itself in the direction in which it is moving. Swivelling castors are sometimes themselves attached to handles, so users can turn the caster into the desired direction.

Castors are used in many industrial applications. Heavy duty castors and industrial castors are used on platform trucks, carts, assemblies, and tow lines in plants.

A castor can be defined as a wheel which is mounted to a fork, but has an additional offset steering joint. The steering joint allows the wheel to rotate freely in 360°. This allows for easy turning of objects without changing the direction of the chassis that the casters are mounted to. The angle and distance of the wheel axles and steering joint can be modified and custom made for different types of caster performance.

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250mm Top Plate Fixed Castor (Pressed Steel) with 160X120 Hole Centres. Polyurethane Tyre / Cast Iron Centre Wheel with Ball Bearing. Load Capacity = 1500kg

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