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Containers for industrial use are most commonly made from steel. Steel is an excellent choice for making storage containers for many reasons. Unlike plastic, steel containers can be recycled. Shipping containers are recycled by converting them into useful structures or storage containers for use onshore. When these structures are at the end of their useful lives, they can be recycled again as scrap steel used in producing new steel.

Shipping containers are usually made with high tensile steel that also has rust inhibiting properties, shipping containers are reinforced with a rigid steel framework. The sturdy construction enables the shipping containers to withstand the extreme conditions it can be exposed to during long ocean voyages. The robust nature of the shipping container makes it ideal for many other uses when they become surplus. They can become surplus either at the end of their ocean-worthy life or because empty containers accumulate at certain places and begin to cause problems.

Wherever a compact and secure enclosed space is required, containers provide a good solution. They are constructed to be as vandal and thief proof as possible, and using padlocks and other aids can increase their security further. Containers may, in some cases be modified to create a living space. Doors can be modified and windows can be cut in the steel walls to start the process. Internal partitions, fold up beds and furniture, toilet and wash room units and working areas can make the steel containers into living units at work sites.

With the problem of increasing clutter in offices and work places, the demand for independent storage spaces is growing. Containers can be converted into self-storage units in these instances  with a minimum of work. Self-storage units are attractive storage solutions

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16 Eco 2 Grey Parts Storage Bins

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Louvered Panel Wall sets

Our small parts bins are stable when slotted together, stacked or clipped onto our louvered panels, benches and trolleys

The panel sets are an easy solution to your small parts storage needs

Dimensions 165mm long x 100mm wide x 75mm high
Colour Grey – Economy (Recycled)
Louvre Value 48
Thickness 1.5
Price £14.75 Ex Vat
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