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Storage bins and containers are important in the handling of materials. They are ideal for the transportation of waste or movement of materials both in and outdoors. They come in a variety of materials and sizes dependant on your needs and the goods and materials which you are storing.

Smaller storage containers which are usually made from plastic are ideal for smaller units, areas and work places where space is limited. Similarly, some plastic storage bins and storage containers are designed so that they are stackable. This allows for an efficient use of space and also means that they can be stored away easily if not in use.

Larger capacity storage bins tend to be more robust and are typically suited for the storage and handling of bulk goods or heavier items. Some of these are mounted on castors which allow for easy transportation.

Barrels and drums are generally used in industries where they have the need to store high quantities of liquids. They come in a range of sizes.

Storage bins and storage containers are supposedly designed to anticipate any number of supplies, products, components, or substances that your facility will need to safely and efficiently organize and store. Storage bins must make the most efficient use of space and minimize time and safety hazards involved in accessing stored materials.


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16 Eco 2 Grey Parts Storage Bins

Recycled Grey Economy Parts bins at a very affordable prices

Louvered Panel Wall sets

Our small parts bins are stable when slotted together, stacked or clipped onto our louvered panels, benches and trolleys

The panel sets are an easy solution to your small parts storage needs

Dimensions 165mm long x 100mm wide x 75mm high
Colour Grey – Economy (Recycled)
Louvre Value 48
Thickness 1.5
Price £14.75 Ex Vat
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