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Most of the lifting equipment available has the basic work of lifting and transferring goods from one place to another within a region in the factory. This equipment is usually fitted with an anchor that supports the equipment; there are tools that help in raising the level of goods which are needed to be lifted and kept at a certain place. There is a wide variety of lifting gear that is available in the market today because of the variety of different industries which now require it and the different demands these industries make. Some of these include: The fork lift truck and some other similar types of devices mainly used by the power workers. Hoists, cranes and crane accessories which can be manually operated or power operated, amongst others.



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We offer a range of mechanical scissor grabs designed to lift a variety of construction products such as, bricks, blocks, kerbs and slabs, both on-site and in builder’s merchant yards. In addition, these mechanical scissor grabs save time and money across diverse manufacturing and engineering sectors, including ports and off-shore.

The scissor grabs are purely mechanical in operation and require no hydraulic or electrical services. The design of the scissor grabs is efficient and rugged, with a superb build quality, allowing the grabs to operate reliably and safely in the toughest of environments.

Like all our forklift attachments, our range of mechanical brick and block grabs will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.


N.B. A self locating yoke would be required for connecting the scissor grabs to the forks of a forklift

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• Type 2469 – Suitable for lifting kerbs width ways

• Type 2474 – Suitable for lifting kerbs and slabs

• Type 203   – Suitable for lifting smaller packs and individual kerbs or facing stones

• Type 406   – Suitable for lifting flag stone packs 2′ x 2′ or 18″ x 18″

• Type 609   – Suitable for lifting single layers of kerb stones

• Type 610A – Suitable for lifting either single or double layers of kerbs, and some brick packs

• Type 1311 – Suitable for lifting bricks, blocks, pavers or kerbs

• Type 760S – Suitable for lifting small slab packs up to brick packs


Model Ref Capacity
Free Height
Jaw Length
2469 100 125  – 150 160 100
2474 300 300 – 1000 100 150
203 700 400 – 650 200 600
406 1500 400 – 650 200 1200
609 1500 600 -950 220 1200
610A 1500 600 – 910 180 or 430 1200
1311 2000 600 – 1080 220 – 835 1200
760S 1500 400 – 1070 180 – 500 1200
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