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Racking is available in a huge variety depending on your business needs.  Numerous types and styles of storage rack are available and so it can be difficult to decide which storage rack is right for you. Some of those available include the following.

Pallet racking – Most suppliers offer a wide selection of pallet racking at very affordable prices. They offer many different styles and sizes to choose from. These are a good example of warehouse racking, they help to organise a warehouse by finding a suitable place to store materials in order to maximise the available space by elevating the products or merchandise off the floor.

Tower racking makes the storage of long or awkward materials safer and more efficient which saves time and money.  Business warehouses can put bulk items like aluminium sheets, flake board, dry wall and steel sheets in piles on this type of racking to prevent creating an unsafe and disorganised working environment for warehouse personnel.

Long span racking is made from gauge steel. Long span racking systems therefore offer the strength, stability, and quality unmatched by other materials such as plastic, wood, aluminium, and other metals. Steel long span shelving is resistant to damage from oxidation, corrosion, and staining.

Warehouse racking is available in a large variety of sizes as well as open and closed back units. Weight capacity on units can vary from 450 pound up to 2000 pounds. Industrial Shelving is made up of several components. Many companies manufacture quality steel warehouse shelving that is durable, safe and the most dependable shelving units available in the industry.


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Vertical storage racking is fabricated to vertically store long items in adjustable compartments in an upright position

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